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New Details Emerge About Accused KC Shooter's Past

Frazier Glenn Cross was once reportedly caught with a male prostitute and also worked as an FBI informant.
Posted at 7:50 PM, Apr 24, 2014

More details are emerging about the past life of Frazier Glenn Cross, the man being charged with the shooting deaths of three people at two Jewish centers in Kansas City April 13.

Cross was reportedly wheeled into the courtroom Thursday, hands and feet shackled to a wheelchair. His lawyer requested a delay in the alleged shooter's preliminary hearing. He did not make any statements, but details brought up about his past Thursday got rather ... odd. (Via KSHB

The Kansas City Starreports Douglas McCullough, a former prosecutor of Cross, said police once found Cross in a car with a male, black prostitute sometime in the mid-1980s. McCullough was prosecuting Cross on charges of possessing hand grenades and mailing a threatening communication at the time when this incident was uncovered.

And ABC reported Thursday that Cross was actually an FBI informant after previously being arrested in 1987 and later legally changed his name — from Frazier Glenn Miller — to start a new life. ABC writes, "The idea was to erase any connection to the man he had been before: Frazier Glenn Miller. White Nationalist leader. Spewer of hate. Federal informant."

As an FBI informant, Cross reportedly spied on other white supremacists — passing information on to the bureau. 

Cross is being charged with capital murder and first-degree murder. NBC reports none of the victims were Jewish, but authorities say they have enough evidence to charge him with a hate crime.