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Read full document: House GOP releases 45-day spending plan

Republican lawmakers met early in the morning on Saturday with just hours to go before a midnight deadline to fund government operations.
Posted at 1:11 PM, Sep 30, 2023

It was quite literally a race against time for lawmakers in Washington as an ominous government shutdown loomed ahead of a midnight deadline on Saturday. 

Lawmakers met behind closed doors in the early morning hours on Saturday to use every available bit of time to try and agree to a plan to fund the U.S. government. 

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy pivoted from what seemed to be a never-ending holding pattern in negotiations, to focus on a proposed 45-day temporary spending bill that lawmakers hoped would be a step towards avoiding a shutdown of U.S. government services. 

On brink of government shutdown, McCarthy focuses on 45-day plan
Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy.

On brink of government shutdown, McCarthy focuses on 45-day plan

The Republican leader on Saturday worked to push a 45-day funding bill through the House that would require Democratic help.


It was still unclear how lawmakers would move forward after the House reconvened just before noon on Saturday to debate the Continuing Appropriations Act, 2024. But, by Saturday afternoon, the House passed the 45-day funding bill, and sent it to the Senate. 

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