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Prescott Remembers Firefighters One Year After 19 Died

Monday marks the one year anniversary of the Yarnell Fire in Prescott, Arizona. The city has many events planned to remember the fallen.
Posted at 3:17 PM, Jun 28, 2014

Monday marks one year since 19 members of the Granite Mountain Hotshots died in the vicious Yarnell Hill Fire — leaving the city of Prescott, Arizona to mourn and memorialize.

"Nineteen Granite Mountain Hotshots were killed and several folks in Yarnell lost their homes." (Via KPHO)

"Lightning sparked the Yarnell fire... Afternoon thunderstorms and erratic winds to shift direction... It is the deadliest day for U.S. fire crews since 9/11." (Via KTVB)   

There was only one survivor from the crew. As the anniversary approaches, the city has come together to celebrate the lives of those lost, many of whom had young children. Three had children on the way. (Via KPNX)

"We have these children that will not remember the tribute that was given to their father in his death. When they need to see it an experience it ... it's here for them." 

There will be another exhibit on display Sunday at a local hotel. The Prescott News says, "It highlights the history of the Granite Mountain Hotshots and the individual men as wildland firefighters. The exhibit offers an intimate look at what the world of wildland firefighting is like from an inside perspective." (Via Prescott News

Other activities on the agenda for Monday include memorial services, a tribute hike and other city ceremonies including an anniversary proclamation that is expected to include a special announcement. (Via City of Prescott

But the memoriam stretches far beyond the affected city. KTVK reports the tragic story has made its way to Hollywood. 

"A famous Hollywood director wants to tell the story of the famous Granite Mountain Hotshots by making a film... film makers will be meeting with the only survivor, Brendan McDonough, and family members of the rest of the crew." (Via KTVK)

But still — there is some business with families and those that lost homes that is being addressed through lawsuits. (Via KEYT)

"A new lawsuit tied to that somber day is being filed. Homeowners who lost their homes are going after 10 insurance companies, they say those companies under compensated them. They have already fileda lawsuit against the state as well. The families of the granite mountain hotshots have filed a lawsuit too, hoping to get some solid answers on how their loved ones died." (Via KNXV)

The city is asking for volunteers to help out in various positions for the upcoming memorial events.