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Pregnant Woman, Marine's Wife Disappears In California

The search for a 19-year-old pregnant woman who disappeared on Sunday continues, and authorities haven't ruled out foul play.
Posted at 10:01 AM, Jul 04, 2014

The family of a 19-year old pregnant woman who disappeared this week in Southern California is reaching out to the public for help and prayers. 

Erin Corwin left her home on the Twentynine Palms Marine Corps Base on Saturday morning, and her husband reported her missing the next day after she failed to come back. (Via Los Angeles Times)

The Press Enterprise reported on Wednesday that authorities had located Corwin's car, but weren't disclosing where exactly they found it and, "there was no indication of her direction of travel or current whereabouts.”

Authorities haven't ruled out foul play, but Corwin's family say they think it's likely she just got lost.

"What we believe is she got turned around and she doesn't know how to get back. She's, again, really young, from Oak Ridge, it's not a big town, she doesn't know how to navigate. She has no survival skills, so we think she's lost and we need her back." (Via WVLT)

By Thursday, major media outlets such as Fox News and People started picking up the story, and Corwin's family took advantage of the added press to get the word out about their own efforts to find her. 

The family created a Facebook page called "Locate Erin" where they encourage anyone with information on Corwin's disappearance to contact the authorities. 

For its part, the local sheriff's department is discouraging untrained volunteers from joining in the search on the ground because of the difficult conditions in the area near Joshua Tree National Park. (Via Flickr / Nevin)

"Joshua Tree National Park: it's very rocky, there are dangerous areas and we also have the extreme heat of the desert, wide-open desert that we've already checked." (Via Fox News) 

Corwin was reportedly preparing for a visit from her mother when she disappeared. She is three months pregnant.