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Mike Pompeo Lifts State Department's Hiring Freeze

The hiring freeze was put in place by Pompeo's predecessor, Rex Tillerson.
Posted at 4:47 PM, May 15, 2018

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo reportedly told his employees he is ending the hiring freeze on his department. 

Pompeo wrote in an email, obtained by multiple outlets, that he was going to start hiring at "current funding levels." He promised to fill positions at home and overseas.

Last month, Pompeo lifted a freeze for certain family members of State Department employees.

The freeze was in place under Pompeo's predecessor, Rex Tillerson, leaving dozens of high-level state jobs open or only temporarily filled. The department was reportedly running with a "skeleton crew" under Tillerson, which led to low morale.

Even though Pompeo said he wants the department to start hiring again, he faces another challenge. According to The Washington Post and Partnership for Public Service, nearly 60 positions still need a nominee. And those nominees would need to be confirmed by the Senate to be hired.