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Police search for man who shot a dog multiple times

Police say a woman's dog lunged at a Baltimore man and the man responded by shooting the dog multiple times. A search was ongoing for the suspect.
Still taken from surveillance footage shows a man aiming a gun.
Posted at 10:12 PM, Aug 02, 2023

Police are asking for help in identifyinga suspect in an animal cruelty case. 

On July 8, a Maryland man allegedly approached a woman who was walking her dog in South Baltimore. The woman said that before the two had any interaction with each other, the dog is said to have lunged at the man, but was eventually pulled back by the woman, who was the owner of the dog. 

Scripps News Baltimore reported that, according to an account, the woman warned the man, telling him that her dog does bite. 

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According to police, that is when the man drew his firearm, pulling it out from his waistband, and fired one round at the dog. 

After turning towards a different direction, appearing to leave, he allegedly returned to his original position and fired more rounds.

The woman's dog had to be humanely euthanized, according to reports. 

Police in Maryland are now looking for the man and say if anyone has any information leading to finding him to please call 911 or Metro Crime Stoppers at 1-866-7Lockup. 

Police say the suspect was driving a white Hyundai SUV. 

It was unclear what charges the suspect might face or if it could be proven that he was in imminent danger or trying to protect himself from the dog. 

This story was originally published by Dominick Philippe-Auguste at Scripps News Baltimore