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Police Find 7 Dead Babies In Utah Home

The dead babies were found in Utah resident Megan Huntsman's old home in the Pleasant Grove neighborhood. She is being charged with murder.
Posted at 10:31 PM, Apr 13, 2014

Utah resident Megan Huntsman was arrested Sunday and charged with six counts of murder after seven babies were found dead in her former Pleasant Grove home.

The Salt Lake Tribune first reported this eerie discovery. It started when police responded to a call from Huntsman's ex-husband Saturday after he discovered the first dead infant. Police then got a search warrant.

Once in the house investigators found six more infant bodies in separate containers. Police Capt. Michael Roberts says he believes Huntsman gave birth to the six other babies between 1996 and 2006, then murdered them. (Via ABC)

Investigators told a reporter at KSTU that Huntsman could only be responsible for six out of the seven deaths. 

"They say so far their investigation has revealed to them that one of the births was a stillborn birth and because of that they are not going to seek a criminal charge for that one infant." 

Huntsman reportedly moved out of that home in 2011 and her three daughters currently still live in the house.

Police say, “The adult residents of the home claimed to have no knowledge of the dead babies.” (Via ABCKUTV)

The disturbing find shocked the Pleasant Grove community Sunday morning.

Salt Lake City Crime Reporter Mikey McFall talked to a neighbor who was in complete shock. He tweeted this out soon after the finding: Sharon Chipman trusted Megan Huntsman, letting her neighbor watch her grandson when he was a toddler. Now this.” (Via Twitter /@MikeyPanda)

McFall talked to another long-time neighbor, who said that despite the police’s theory, “[Huntsman] never looked pregnant.” (Via Twitter / @MikeyPanda )

Huntsman is the only person being investigated for the murders. Neither her ex husband or her kids are considered suspects at this time.