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Penn State Fraternity Suspended For Private Facebook Pages

Penn State University's Kappa Delta Rho chapter has been suspended. Police are now involved after Facebook pages were found showing obscene images.
Posted at 2:28 PM, Mar 17, 2015

Penn State University's chapter of Kappa Delta Rho has been suspended after police say members created two private Facebook pages showing drug sales, hazing and even nude photos of women.

"It appears they were passed out or sleeping," Lt. Keith Robb of the State College Police said. 

"According to police, the private Facebook page had nearly 150 members," a WPXI reporter said.

WJAC obtained the search warrant and found the first Facebook page, called "Covert Business Transactions," was shut down, but a second page was made, simply called "2.0." The outlet says fraternity members could face misdemeanor charges.

A writer for Jezebel says, "Just a gentle reminder here not to put your criminal activity on Facebook, unless you'd like it to serve as a testament to your absolute and shattering idiocy."

This all, of course, comes on the heels of another high-profile suspension of the University of Oklahoma's Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity for singing a racist chant. 

The official public Facebook page for Kappa Delta Rho at Penn State hasn't been updated since December.