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Party City Announces New Toy Stores In Light Of Toys R Us Closures

Party City announces it will soon launch 50 pop-up toy stores on the same week Toys R Us is set to close its stores.
Posted at 6:01 PM, Jun 25, 2018

Party City is getting into the retail toy market. The company announced on Monday it will open approximately 50 pop-up toy stores around the country.

The "Toy City" stores will debut in September and will be open through the holiday season. They will appear alongside the company's "Halloween City" pop-up stores, although Party City did not announce  which cities will get one of these temporary toy stores. 

This announcement comes the same week Toys R Us will shut down its last stores. The toy store chain filed for bankruptcy in September. 

While Party City may not fill the entire void left by Toys R Us, this move shows it will try to grab some of the market for itself. The party supply chain said it will also consider expanding its toy offerings online. 

Party City isn't the only one trying to capitalize on Toys R Us' closure. In March, it was announced KB Toys will make a comeback: The company that owns the name "KB Toys" will operate 1,000 pop-up toy stores for the holiday shopping season. Kohl's and JCPenney have already expanded their toy offerings in light of the Toys R Us bankruptcy.