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Parent, Teens Charged In Fight Caught On Video

The father of a teen girl faces charges after police discovered video of him encouraging her to fight.
Posted at 11:12 AM, Jul 19, 2014

"Hard –– hard, keep hitting her." (Via WCPO)

A fight broke out between two Ohio teenage girls, caught on video. And now, one of the fathers heard encouraging his daughter to hit harder is facing charges. 

Dad, Ray E. Asher can be heard yelling "scratch her eyeballs out" and "daddy's gonna get it too."

WKRC reports both families actually declined to press charges. Hamilton police brought charges of disorderly conduct against the girls, and for Asher — charges of contributing to the delinquency of a minor. 

Because the fight happened in a public setting, police can charge the girls despite neither side pressing charges. The father faces a maximum punishment of six months in prison. 

Interestingly — other adults watched the incident, but The Columbus Dispatch notes there is no legal obligation to break up a fight because of the risk of injury to non-combatants.

One of the girl's grandmothers told The Journal-News plans of the fight, as well as video of it, had been posted on Facebook. Police got an email later in regard to the event. 

"I think the most important message is parents need to be parents, and that means you teach your children not to solve problems by fighting." (Via WCPO)

And in the past we've seen other disturbing videos of  parents allegedly promoting combat. 

Police say similar footage of a parent in Staten Island encouraging his child to use his fists was discovered in May. (Via WABC)

Police later identified the man as Alberto Figueroa and charged him with acting in a manner injurious to a child younger than 17 years old. (ViaWWOR)