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Pacifier Duct Taped To Baby: Funny Photo Or Abuse?

An Ohio woman posted a photo of her baby granddaughter with a pacifier duct taped to her face. She says it was a joke, but some didn't find it funny.
Posted at 4:23 PM, Aug 13, 2014

Are people overreacting to a funny photo, or is there real danger here? An Ohio woman posted photos on Facebook showing her 2-month-old granddaughter with a pacifier secured to her face with duct tape. The family got backlash it didn't expect. 

The mother of the child told told WSYX the pictures were taken as a joke and that people overreacted.

"When we applied it, there were no red marks. Everyone said she had a black eye and a bruised forehead."

Another photo Jackie Sheaks posted showed her granddaughter next to some potatoes in a pan. Police and children's services took the photos very seriously and have reached out to make sure the baby is safe and in good hands.

WRC-TV: "Covering up their option to spit that pacifier out and giving them their airway. ... This is crazy. It's dangerous." 

It's unclear whether officials are still investigating, but no charges have been filed yet.

According to The Blaze, Sheaks says the photos were just supposed to be creative baby photos, similar to those seen online with babies sleeping in mixing bowls. But she learned a lesson quickly.

WBNS: "What we think is funny that other people don't."

WRC-TV: "We would never go out of our way to harm these children. Ever. Ever."

Sheaks says the duct tape was only on her grandaughter's face for the time it took to take the photo. But regardless, just like a Band-Aid hurts to remove, we're sure the duct tape wasn't any more pleasant. 

So then, what is it? Abusive, funny, creative? Everyone has their own opinions. HLN's Robin Meade points out there's a cost you pay when sharing on social media. 

HLN: "Just because you think, 'Oh, look at that!' and you want to show somebody ... you're showing everybody."

And this obviously isn't the first time people have received unsolicited parenting advice from viewers on social media.

You might remember this recent viral video of a daddy-daughter date. The creators intended it to be sweet.

But some viewers believed it to be "disgusting" and "awkward."

Again, right now, no charges have been filed in this most recent case.