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Prison Worker Arrested For Allegedly Aiding Jailbreak

Joyce Mitchell, the prison worker who authorities say smuggled tools and a cellphone to convicts Richard Matt and David Sweat, was arrested Friday.
Posted at 9:39 AM, Jun 12, 2015

A prison worker was arrested Friday after she admitted to assisting in a high-profile escape from a prison in upstate New York.

New York State Police representative Charles E. Guess told reporters, "Our interviews with Joyce Mitchell have been fruitful and productive. We've decided to charge her tonight and move on with other aspects of the investigation."

The Clinton County District Attorney says prison worker Joyce Mitchell reportedly admitted to providing tools and cell phone access to escaped convicts Richard Matt and David Sweat. (Video via CNN)

According to ABC, Mitchell was also supposed to act as a getaway driver the night Matt and Sweat broke out.

"She never showed that night. We’ve learned she checked herself into a hospital, complaining of a panic attack,” said ABC’s Brandi Hitt. (Video via ABC)

In the meantime, authorities have narrowed their search for Matt and Sweat to the area surrounding the prison, after search dogs picked up a possible scent trail.

“New York State police have shut down a large part of Route 374, the main thoroughfare into Dannemora, where Clinton Correctional Facility is located. And there is someone with a gun on nearly every corner,” said CNN’s Randi Kaye. (Video via CNN)

“We’ll be able to deploy New York State Troopers across the New York and Vermont state line, should it be required for searches,” said New York State Police superintendent Joseph D’Amico. (Video via USA Today / Burlington Free Press)

Mitchell’s two charges carry a combined maximum sentence of seven years, and authorities say more charges could come. (Video via WABC)

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