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Officer not charged for shooting 11-year-old who called 911

Few details surrounding the shooting have been released nearly seven months after the incident in Indianola, Mississippi.
The family of the boy shot holds signs calling for justice against an officer who shot an 11-year-old.
Posted at 9:55 AM, Dec 15, 2023

Mississippi Attorney General Lynn Fitch announced no charges will be filed against an officer who shot an 11-year-old boy calling for help. 

Fitch said on Thursday the incident was given to a grand jury after her office completed a review. The grand jury reported that it found Sgt. Greg Capers did not commit any criminal conduct in the incident. 

The incident occurred in Indianola, Mississippi, on May 20. The 11-year-old, Aderrien Murry, survived the shooting. Aderrien called police at the request of his mother because the father of one of her children came to the house irate. 

After the incident, the family's attorney, Carlos Moore, told Scripps News that the boy and his family followed police instructions to exit the house. 

"This young Black boy did everything right. He obeyed his mom's request for him to call the police for his assistance," Moore said. "And then when the officer showed up and said come out with your hands up, he obeyed the officer and he still gets shot." 

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Senatobia Police vehicle outside a Mississippi police department.

Black child, 10, sentenced to probation for urinating in public

The child's attorney said he doesn't believe a White child would have been arrested under similar circumstances.


Murry's mother also says she informed police the intruder had left and that her three kids were in the home when law enforcement arrived.

Murry's family and their attorney called for Capers to be fired and criminally prosecuted.

Nearly seven months after the incident, police have not released body camera footage. 

The Indianola Police Department said it would not release details on the shooting until after the investigation was complete.