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NYT Corrects 161-Year-Old Article on '12 Years a Slave'

On Jan. 20, 1853, The New York Times ran an article on Solomon Northup, whose behind the memoir "12 Year a Slave." In it, his name is spelled wrong.
Posted at 9:01 AM, Mar 04, 2014

Solomon Northup's story "12 Years a Slave" just won "Best Picture" at the Oscars, and now some 161-year-old errors are being corrected by TheNew York Times.

You see, way back on January 20, 1853, the paper ran an article on Solomon Northup, and made a mistake. Now, thanks to a Twitter user — that's being corrected.

​Here you see the blunder in the article. In the body of the text, Northup's name is spelled with an extra 'r' and 'o,' and also spelled incorrectly in the headline.

The correction on The New York Times webpage says:

"The errors came to light on Monday after a Twitter user pointed out the article in The Times archives. (The errors notwithstanding, The Times described the article as 'a more complete and authentic record than has yet appeared.')"

It's unclear which user exactly, but Rebecca Skloot is an author — her book was even a New York Times best-seller, and she pointed out the error.

Later joking she is actually a terrible proofreader and speller. (Via Twitter / @RebeccaSkloot)

And now, the story is making headlines — after all, a correction more than 150 years in the making — quite the oddity.