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Nurse Texts Patient After Looking Up Her Number In Records

A nurse told our partners at KERO he looked up a patient's number in her file. That patient, Darcy White, says he texted and called several times.
Posted at 11:13 AM, Feb 27, 2015

A California woman went in for a shoulder surgery Feb. 12 at Mercy Hospital. That's likely nerve-wracking enough in its own right, but when a nurse reportedly took it upon himself to follow up with her after the procedure, things got weird.

"The next thing I remember is waking up Monday morning and reading through a series of text messages and call logs. ... You can't do background checks on everybody that's going to be in that operating room," patient Darcy White told KERO

"She allegedly found text messages and a picture that was sent to her by the anesthesiologist nurse that references her appearance and clothing size," the reporter said.

Our partners at KERO got ahold of the nurse who patient Darcy White says texted her. He did admit to the station that he got her phone number from her file.

"This isn't OK. This is not OK," White said.

"It is important to note the nurse is contracted through a separate company and not an employee of Mercy Hospital," the reporter said.

Mercy Hospital said there is an ongoing investigation, but since the nurse isn't on its staff, it can't talk about the situation any further.