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Northern Sweden's Unique Way Of Saying 'Yes'

Instead of saying "yes," people in northern Sweden have a unique sound that also means the same thing.
Posted at 3:49 PM, Jan 16, 2015

People in northern Sweden have a very unique way of saying "yes." The Local decided to check out the biggest city in northern Sweden: Umeå. The way they say "yes" is way cooler than your typical "yeah" or "ja."

"That means yes?" The Local reporter Oliver Gee asked.

"Here in the Umeå, we say ..." a woman said.

"And that means 'yes'?" Gee asked.

"Just if you have a mint in your mouth, it's like ..." the woman said.

"OK," Gee said.

OK, we want to give this a try.

Did we get it? Maybe? 

Apparently, people think they've got the sound down, according to a very scientific poll from Mirror Online. About 60 percent of people thought they could pronounce the sound for "yes" correctly.

The Local's video of the sound even got retweeted by Sweden's Twitter account. It exists. Why doesn't America have its own Twitter account?

One woman said it was easier than actually saying "yes" because you don't really have to open your mouth. 

But News Limited questioned that. Is it really any easier? Guess it depends on who you ask. 

One local said: "You don't have to open your mouth and say 'ja.'"

One person teased on YouTube it was probably just a joke the Swedes were playing on the rest of the world.

Multiple people claiming to be from Sweden said it's very common there and not just in the northern parts of the country. And then there's always that one person. 

But the Swedish language doesn't just have one unique word; it's apparently chock full of 'em.

One blogger wrote about the word "slut." While in America it's a derogatory term, in Swedish it means "finished."

And we also learned the word "fart" means speed in Swedish. We're resisting gas jokes here. 

This video includes music from Kevin MacLeod / CC BY 3.0.