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'Nightmare Nanny' Offers To Leave, But Is It A Setup?

Diane Stretton has finally said she'll leave the Bracamonte home, but the California family is worried she's trying to trick them.
Posted at 9:27 AM, Jun 30, 2014

The so-called nightmare nanny from California may finally be leaving the Bracamonte family's home, weeks after being fired on June 6th.

"Stretton has agreed to leave by July 4th, but the family says they're not sure if they believe her." (Via KNBC)

The family plans to be out of town for July 4th, and they're worried 64-year-old Diane Stretton could lock them out of their own home, because legally, she has the right to be there. She was hired as a live-in nanny. 

"This is now, by court, by law, this is her domain."

"The saga began in March when the family hired Stretton. They say at first she was great with their three kids, but then complained of health problems." (Via ABC)

Now, the story has gone nationwide. The family says Stretton stopped working, so they fired her, but she wouldn't leave. Stretton has argued she is a tenant, and a judge ruled in her favor. 

"She established residency in that domicile — in that home." (Via CNN)

CNN found Stretton is actually on California's Vexatious Litigant List — a list of individuals who often bring legal action actions others just to harass them. 

The Bracamontes hired Stretton to watch their three children, ages 16 months, 4 and 11 years old. But again, while Stretton's offer to move out might be genuine, the family is suspicious, with Marcella Bracamonte telling People Magazine...

"​​I feel like it's a trap ... I feel like she knows that I'm going to be gone and that she wants to lock me out of my home." 

People found Stretton's name on more than a dozen cases in Southern California. So, the nightmare may continue. The family has been working on getting Stretton evicted.