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Mormon Bishop Goes Undercover As Homeless Man

Mormon Bishop David Musselman dressed as a homeless man to teach his congregants a lesson in kindness. KTVN says at least five people turned him away.
Posted at 4:13 PM, Nov 29, 2013

Mormon Bishop David Musselman wanted to teach his congregation a very special lesson, so he did what any other man in his position would do — go undercover as a very convincing homeless man. Safe to say nobody saw that one coming.

"He was dirty, he was crippled, he was old. He had like a crutch and was mumbling to himself."

"We don't need to be so quick to judge." (Via KUTV

The bishop is friends with a professional makeup artist who gave him the makeunder. KTVN reports Musselman did it to teach his congregation about compassion.

"He said at least five people asked him to leave the church, some gave him money, and he says most were indifferent to his presence."

The undercover bishop also said the stunt wasn't to embarrass or make anyone feel bad but to serve as a reminder to be kind to everyone. However, there was a group of people who were willing to help him out.

​"He says it was the children who were the most willing to help."

"Boy, that's very telling." (Via KGTV

The bishop finally revealed who he was after he told the audience what he was grateful for. Overall, Musselman said he was touched by his congregation's actions, and he hopes it's a reminder to be kind to everyone year-round, not just around the holidays.