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More Than 1,000 People Search For Missing UVA Student

Police have asked the public to aid in the search for Hannah Graham after the teenager went missing a week ago.
Posted at 8:49 PM, Sep 20, 2014

More than 1,600 people volunteered in Charlottesville, Virginia Saturday to search for the missing University of Virginia student. 

POLICE OFFICER ON WJLA: "If that young lady's touched your life in any way, YOU have the responsibility to help us find her."

Eighteen-year-old Hannah Graham went missing a week ago and authorities have been searching for her ever since. 

The college sophomore was last heard from when she texted a friend saying she was lost. Those who were with her earlier that night say she was under the influence of alcohol. 

Thevolunteers met at the University's arena and then spread out across the city to look for the teen. The crowds were encouraged to come in shifts, with the first begining at 8 a.m.

Supporters have also been using social media to find Graham. The "Help Find Hannah Graham" page already has over 24,000 likes and each of its posts get dozens of shares. 

Since Graham's disappearance, a series of clues about the last night she was spotted has emerged, including this video of her walking through downtown streets. 

The video showed a man following Graham, who later told police he was following her to make sure she was ok, but left her alone after seeing her with a black male she seemed to know. 

Police were able to locate the black male and searched his apartment and vehicle. Police say the man told them he bought Graham a drink at a bar that night, but does not know where she is now. 

Police did not release the his name at first, but on Saturday said his name is Jesse Leroy Matthew. Police say he has not been charged with any crime.