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Massive 14-Foot, 700-Pound Shark Caught By Fla. Fishermen

A group of fishermen who call themselves Landmark Fishing caught the giant shark. After snapping a few pictures, they let it go.
Posted at 1:30 PM, Mar 26, 2014

​A group of young fishermen reeled in a massive catch in Broward County, Florida. And you've got to see it to believe it.

“This is video of them catching a 14-foot, 700-pound hammerhead.” That is huge. The fisherman who caught it, Viktor Hluben, says it took more than an hour to reel it in. (Via WPEC)

Hluben is part of a group of fisherman that call themselves Landshark Fishing, and they’re known to catch large sharks at night. Hluben posted a video of the catch, which has already gotten more than a half a million views. (Via Facebook / Landshark FishingYouTube / Viktor Hluben)

Hluben wouldn’t say exactly where he caught it, not wanting to give away his go-to spot, but he did tell WPTV why he does it.

"I love sharks, I mean they’re the apex predator of the sea, there’s nothing like fighting them. … You know it’s big when you’re strapped in with 35 pounds of drag and you’re leaning back all the way in the harness."

Hluben says after a few priceless photos with the shark they let it go. The video they posted also says they “only use circle hooks as to ensure maximum health of the fish.” (Via WPTV)

Let’s just hope that shark doesn’t come near shore again soon.