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Mass. On Track For Highest State Minimum Wage

Massachusetts lawmakers approved a minimum wage hike to $11, putting the state on track to have the highest state minimum wage in the country. Massachusetts lawmakers approved an increased minimum wag
Posted at 3:21 PM, Jun 20, 2014

Massachusetts is on its way to having the highest state minimum wage in the country.

A bill to raise the minimum wage in the Bay State got final approval Thursday. (Via WFXT)

Democratic Gov. Deval Patrick is expected to sign the bill into law as soon as next week. It will gradually boost the state's minimum wage from $8 an hour to $11 an hour over the next three years. (Via NECN)

President Obama, who supports a nationwide increase to $10.10 per hour, lauded the move in a written statement: "Massachusetts joins a growing coalition of states, cities and counties that are doing [their] part to make sure no American working full-time has to support a family in poverty." (Via The White House)

According to CNN, "Raising the minimum wage has become a bit of a trend at the state level."

There was Michigan, which is going to $9.25 by 2018, and Vermont, which is going to $10.50 by 2018. Finally, Maryland lawmakers voted to raise that state's minimum wage to $10.10. Lawmakers in seven other states, including New York and California, have also taken action to raise their state minimum wages over the past year. (Via CNN)

But no region in the U.S. is set for a higher minimum wage than the city of Seattle, which saw a unanimous city council vote last month to eventually push the required minimum up to $15 an hour. (Via ABC)

And despite that ordinance now facing a legal challenge, more than two dozen cities across the U.S. are considering similar wage hikes — including San Francisco, which is scheduled to vote on the issue this fall. (Via Fox News)

The required federal minimum wage is currently $7.25 an hour. It has not increased since 2009.