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Marines Killed At Camp Pendleton Identified

Three of the four Marines killed Wednesday had spent at least 10 years in the Marines.
Posted at 8:04 AM, Nov 15, 2013

The four U.S. Marines killed at Camp Pendleton Wednesday after an explosion have been identified.

NBC reports the men were identified as 32-year-old Staff Sergeant Eric Summers, 31-year-old Gunnery Sergeant Gregory Mullins, 28-year-old Staff Sergeant Mathew Marsh and 27-year-old Sergeant Miguel Ortiz.

Marsh and Ortiz were from southern California, Mullins was from Louisiana and Summers came to Camp Pendleton from Missouri. (Via KSDK)

The four Marines were working to dispose unexploded weapons when they somehow detonated. Three other people were also hurt as a result — two fellow Marines and a Navy corpsman.

USA Today adds all of the deceased were experienced unexploded bomb technicians who were all deployed to Afghanistan back in 2012. Three of them had been in the Marines for at least 10 years.

The men were on an artillery range when the explosion happened. Officials have ruled out at least one cause, saying no weapons were fired at the time of the blast. (Via Los Angeles Times)

The cause of Wednesday's accident remains under investigation.