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Man Who Woke Up In Body Bag Dies Two Weeks Later

Walter Williams made headlines in February when he woke up from a body bag, but now, it seems he truly has passed away.
Posted at 9:27 AM, Mar 14, 2014

The Mississippi man who woke up in a body bag just a few weeks ago was again declared dead Thursday morning.

"The same coroner and the same funeral home director came this time. I said, 'I thought y'all we're gonna send somebody else.' We laughed about it, everybody laughed."

On February 26, 78-year-old Walter Williams was declared dead by a coroner, picked up by a funeral home and put in a body bag. Driven in a hearse. But at the funeral home, he started moving inside the bag. He was alive. (Via WDBD, Daily Mail)

His family called it a miracle. When he woke up, the consensus was there might have been an issue with his pacemaker, making it appear as though he didn't have a heartbeat. Williams had been on hospice care after suffering a heart attack.

Now, Williams' family says they're glad to have had the extra time with him. According to WJTV, Williams died at his home around 2 a.m. Thursday. He was a longtime farmer and is survived by his family.