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Man Accused Of Rape Uses His 'Good Looks' As A Defense

Darrious Mathis is accused of sexually assaulting a 24-year-old woman. His defense argues the woman couldn't resist his good looks.
Posted at 8:05 AM, Mar 21, 2014

A man is on trial accused of kidnapping a woman at gunpoint, then robbing and raping her. But he says that's not what happened.

"A judge declared a mistrial back in September when jurors were deadlocked ... He says the sex was consensual, Mathis's attorney said the woman could not resist his good looks. That was their defense."

Darrious Mathis and his legal team say the sex was consensual, basically because he says he's too good looking for rape. In a trial last September, the jury couldn't reach a verdict.

Bossip says this defense makes Mathis sound "guilty as hell." However, the defense strategy is more complicated than just good looks.

Time reports the 24-year-old survivor testified that two years ago, Mathis forced her to take money out of ATMs and sexually assaulted her. 

KIRO says the woman tried to give Mathis her car to keep him calm and to keep herself safe. But defense attorneys say no gun could be seen in surveillance videos. 

She also voluntarily gave Mathis her phone number, something she says she did out of fear. She then notes she changed her phone number. Mathis, however, says they met while he selling vicodin on the street. 

"He said he was in the parking lot selling pain pills, and that the victim was a willing buyer, who agreed to ride along. Mathis' attorneys also said he never held a gun."

Mathis is facing kidnapping, carjacking, assault and weapons charges. He's also expected to take the stand later this week.