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Man Miraculously Escapes After Plane Crashes Into His Home

A man who was on the second story of his Minnesota home Friday miraculously escaped unharmed after a small plane crashed into it.
Posted at 10:42 AM, Jun 21, 2014

A miraculous survival story after a small plane crashed into a Minnesota home Friday night.

"Late last night, a small plane crashing into a home bursting into a flames. At least one person was inside the home at the time. Witnesses say he escaped by jumping out of a window. He was not hurt." (Via Fox News)

Kole Heckendorf told reporters he had no idea what had happened to him until after he managed to escape through a second-story window and saw the billowing smoke and flames.​ (Via KMSP)

"​My first response was just, 'I need to get out of here.' You never know when, when your day could come, and it was too close for comfort today." (Via KSTP)

NBC reports the single-engine private plane crashed into the Sauk Rapids home just after 8 p.m., starting a massive fire. Police told the outlet two people on board were pronounced dead at the scene. It's unclear if the pilot was among the dead.

The Minneapolis Star Tribune reports, while three people lived in the house, Heckendorf was the only one inside at the time of the crash.

Officials told KARE they are still investigating the cause of the crash. National Transportation Safety Board and FAA investigators are expected to arrive on the scene Saturday to assist in the investigation.