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Man Finds $98K In Desk Bought Off Craigslist

A couple bought a desk on craigslist for less than $200. When they looked inside the desk they found almost $100,000 in cash.
Posted at 8:02 AM, Nov 12, 2013

We bet you've seen some bizarre stuff on Craigslist. But you've probably never found this. 

"Imagine buying a desk under $200 on Craiglist only to find thousands of dollars inside." (Via WTNH)

And that's exactly what happened to this couple. They found $98,000 in cold hard cash stuffed inside a plastic bag.

So what did they do with the money? The rabbi and his wife immediately called the seller.

"Through the bag I sort of saw like one $100 bill. I'm like 'Oh my gosh there's money it.' I picked it up and I'm like this is pretty heavy.  When we brought it over to the table and counted it up i was like, 'Oh my gosh." (Via WBTV)

"Rabbi Noah Muroff and his wife returned the cash to its rightful owner of course, good people that they are. Turns out the woman left her inheritance inside the desk. In a thank you note she wrote, 'I do like to still believe that there are good people in this crazy world that we live in.'" (Via WHDH)

The woman who got her inheritance back, said she didn't remember where had she put it. Anchors for WFLA were as shocked as we are. 

"Doesn't she know she was supposed to put that under a mattress."

"And you know they have new things too, they're called banks! I don't know it's probably a good thing a Rabbi found it." (Via WFLA)

What would you have done with the money?