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John Kelly Outlines Improvements For Security Clearance Process

Kelly faced backlash amid domestic abuse allegations against two former White House staffers.
Posted at 6:41 PM, Feb 16, 2018

Chief of staff John Kelly outlined improvements to White House security clearance processes. 

In a memo, Kelly said, "Recent events have exposed some remaining shortcomings," referencing fallout from when two staffers resigned amid allegations they abused their ex-wives. 

Kelly outlined new, more direct communication regarding background checks and their results. He said, starting next week, temporary clearances for staffers whose background checks have been pending since June 1 or earlier would be discontinued. He also outlined how those temporary clearances would be limited in the future. 

Brought onto the White House staff as a stabilizer, Kelly said some changes had already been put in place. He personally faced scrutiny in his handling of those abuse allegations. Despite reports he had been willing to resign amid the backlash, Kelly's memo seems to reinforce his desire to stay on board.