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Joan Rivers' Doc Allegedly Took Selfie While She Was Under

CNN says the comedian's personal doctor took a selfie with her while she was unconscious during her throat procedure.
Posted at 5:54 AM, Sep 17, 2014

A disturbing report from CNN about the death of Joan Rivers.

"This is bizarre. The personal doctor was taking a photo of himself with Joan Rivers unconscious in the background?"

"The doctor, a female, was in fact doing that with her background. That's what staffers have told investigators."

So, according to CNN, Rivers' personal physician took a selfie with Rivers while she was under anesthesia August 28th. 

CNN is also saying that according to its source, the same doctor performed a biopsy on Rivers' throat without her consent that day.

The comedian reportedly stopped breathing, and about a week later, on September 4th, she was dead at 81.

CNN's Tuesday night report does line up in several ways with a New York Daily News report from about a week earlier.

On September 9th, the outlet said a physician who'd accompanied Rivers to Yorkville Endoscopy had decided to do a biopsy on her throat when he  — this report dubbed the doctor a man — "noticed something" on her vocal chords.

Rivers was at the clinic only for an endoscopy. Her voice had been raspy, and she was looking to find the cause. 

This is an endoscope —a tube with a camera on it. An endoscopy involves a doctor sticking that down your throat to look inside your body. A biopsy means removing a piece of living tissue from your body. (Video via BMI Healthcare)

According to TMZ, the doctor who performed the endoscopy, also the clinic's medical director, has been let go because he allowed the personal physician to perform the biopsy. 

But just a day after the New York Daily News report, the clinic declared in a statement that a vocal chord biopsy had never been performed inside its doors.

An autopsy was done on Rivers, and her cause of death was inconclusive. More investigating is underway. For now, her team has kept quiet.