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Uber, Lyft Continue Operating In California After Last-Minute Ruling

The companies told the court they weren't able to comply with a state law that requires them to treat drivers as employees.
Posted at 12:17 PM, Aug 21, 2020

People in California can continue ordering rides from Uber and Lyft — thanks to a last minute court ruling.

The two ride-haling services said they would stop operations over a state law which would have required them to treat their drivers as employees, rather than contractors. That would have entitled the drivers to benefits like minimum wage, overtime, sick pay and unemployment insurance.

But the companies argued they weren't able to comply. The court ruling granted a stay on the implementation of the law.

 A Lyft spokesperson said that the company will "continue fighting for independence plus benefits for drivers."

In November, voters are set to decide on a ballot measure that would keep the drivers' contractor status.