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United Airlines Is Making Its Employees Take Compassion Training

United Airlines has been no stranger to bad headlines, and now it seems the airline is going to try training its employees in compassion.
Posted at 6:43 PM, Mar 07, 2018

United Airlines is sending its employees to compassion training.

The airline took an onslaught of criticism for the way it handled removing customer David Dao from a flight about a year ago. He was violently dragged off the plane, in the process injuring his nose, getting a concussion and losing some teeth. He initially intended to sue, but the company paid him a settlement.

And United has been plagued by similar headlines since then. In January, for example, the airline pulled a Colorado woman off a flight after there was a mix-up with her booking. She was on her way to see her dying mother when her ticket was canceled, and United was slammed for a lack of ... well, compassion.

So 30,000 customer-facing employees, the people you actually interact with in your travels, will get a rundown on making customer service decisions, listening skills and body language, and even smiling. The airline says the four-hour program is intended to promote "emotional intelligence."