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Federal Officials Considered Using 'Heat Ray' On Protesters

A National Guard major told a House committee a top military police officer requested a "heat ray" for crowd control.
Posted at 7:13 AM, Sep 17, 2020

A whistleblower says federal officials considered using a crowd control device called a "heat ray" to deal with protesters outside the White House.

It happened back in June when officers forcibly cleared protesters from Lafayette Square.

National Guard Major Adam DeMarco told a House committee that a top Defense Department military police officer sent an email asking for the so-called heat ray.

The email also asked if the D.C. National Guard had a long-range acoustic device.

The heat ray, also known as the "active denial system," was developed by the military decades ago. It shoots a directed beam of energy that causes a burning sensation. It's considered to be a non-lethal way to control crowds. It's unclear if it's ever been used in combat. 

DeMarco said he told the officials the Guard did not have either device.