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Even Harmless Words Matter, Especially For Kids And Stereotypes

It's easy to support increasing equality, diversity and empowerment, but how do we do it? It might start with the words we use around our kids.
Posted at 12:11 PM, May 30, 2018

Read the following two sentences and see if you can tell why it matters that they're different:

"Boys from that neighborhood are troublemakers." "Some boys from that neighborhood have caused trouble."

The challenge of increasing equality, diversity and empowerment is easy to support. But ultimately, how do we do it?

For those who believe it starts with childhood development, so many things matter, including the words we use in teaching kids how to navigate their world.

"The Why"'s Chance Seales explored the concept of language essentialism and spoke with experts Dr. Susan Gelman and child therapist Katie Hurley.

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