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Protesters Fight Guns With Sex Toys. One's Legal, The Other's Not

Protesters brought sex toys on the University of Texas at Austin's campus, saying they would fight absurdity with absurdity.
Posted at 9:41 AM, Aug 25, 2016

"The dildos will stay as long as the guns are here. So if you're uncomfortable with my dildo, you cannot imagine how uncomfortable I am with your gun," Rosie Zander told the Austin American-Statesman

Zander, a student leader for University Democrats at the University of Texas at Austin, helped lead a protest Wednesday that she said fought absurdity with absurdity. 

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A new state law has made it legal for certain permit holders to have guns on public university grounds. But UT campus policy doesn't allow sex toys to be carried in the open. It could also be considered illegal under state law. 

Protesters at UT Austin carried sex toys on campus to demonstrate against the conceal-carry firearms law. 

It was the latest provocative demonstration surrounding the issue of guns on campuses. Advocates for the law staged a mock shooting in December, complete with fake guns and blood.  

And counterprotesters used fart guns to disrupt the mock shooting. 

The sex-toy protesters are pushing the Texas government to take up the issue again. Gun rights advocates argue the new law coincides with the Second Amendment and that publicly funded universities will have to accept it.