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Girl Dumps Guy, Guy Responds By Wrecking Golf Courses

According to police, Austin Christopher admitted he destroyed parts of two golf courses and said he did it out of anger after his girlfriend left him.
Posted at 9:49 AM, Sep 16, 2014

Police say a man decided to take out his rage on two golf courses after his girlfriend dumped him. Makes perfect sense. Right?

WIVB: "It caused more than $50,000 worth of damage."

"Austin Christopher admitted to everything. ... After a neighbor heard the noise and called 911, police police nabbed Christopher in his truck."

OK, then ... get mad at your now ex-girlfriend, cause thousands upon thousands of dollars of damage ... does that mend a broken heart? Cue other snarky media commentary: 

ROBIN MEADE FOR HLN"So, what's wrong with this person? ... The guy wasn't drunk or on drugs, was just upset from love."

WHDH"That is the definition of a bad breakup."

"A lot of damage."

WDAF"Just throw your clubs next time."

"Anger management."

"Yeah. He's also suspected of tearing up the practice area at another golf course, so they charged him with trespassing and mischief."

The two golf courses left to clean up the mess are Harvest Hill Golf Course and Bob-O-Link Golf Club, both in Orchard Park, New York. 

Harvest Hill put its avid golfers' worries to rest, letting them know the courses are still open, as the damage was only done to one green.

The destruction at the Bob-O-Link course was only in the practice area, but those repairs are also expected to run in the thousands. 

WIVB says 23-year-old Christopher was also arrested for trespassing back in June on suspicion of driving a four-wheeler through a neighbor's yard. He's a winner. 

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