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Georgetown Student Charged With Possessing Ricin

The Georgetown University student admitted to making the toxic substance in his dorm room while his roommate was away.
Posted at 9:37 AM, Mar 22, 2014

The Georgetown University student who admitted to making ricin in his dorm room has been charged. 

"Nineteen-year-old Daniel Milzman is charged with possession of a biological toxic which is a federal offense. MaCarthy Hall was evacuated when that substance was found." (Via WUSA)

According to court documents, alone in his dorm room, Milzman made about 120 milligrams of the toxic poison — enough to kill. He reportedly used his iPhone to find instructions and bought the materials at Home Depot and American Plant Co. (Via WRC-TV)

According to authorities, Milzman wore protective gear while making the substance when his roommate was away. He then wrapped it up in plastic bags and hockey tape and showed it to his residential advisor, who called police. 

The Washington Post spoke to a senior research scholar at the University of Maryland about the case, who explained, "It is relatively easy to make a crude version of ricin." 

Milzman's motive is still unknown, but according to Georgetown's student paper The Hoya, the RA who saw the ricin said he was under the impression Milzman was planning to use the substance on another student. 

But there are also those who don't believe Mizman, an involved student, planned to hurt anyone. 

"We knocked on the door of Milzman's home, it's just blocks from Georgetown's campus. We've since learned the 19-year-old's parents are prominent doctors at two of D.C.'s hospitals." (Via WJLA)

There haven't been any reports of injury from the ricin, which can cause respiratory and organ failure. Milzman remains in custody until his next hearing Tuesday.