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Ga. To Help Motorists Retrieve Abandoned Vehicles

The state is slowly helping to reunite drivers with their abandoned vehicles. Officials say there were more than 2,000 vehicles left on the roads.
Posted at 4:03 PM, Jan 30, 2014

Abandoned cars are still littering the road in Atlanta, Ga., after snow and ice paralyzed the city. Now, the state is slowly helping reunite drivers with their cars.

"Highway officials are working to remove vehicles still abandoned on Atlanta highways. This after a day-long stretch of the interstate looked more like a parking lot." (Via CNN)

CNN reports people will be taken in four-wheel-drive vehicles to where their cars were left. If needed, officials will also help jump start cars and provide up to five gallons of gas. 

There are two spots drivers will be picked up to find their cars. WXIA reports for those who got stranded on I-20 and I-285 West, go to the Westlake MARTA station. And for those stranded on I-75, the top end of I-285 and the Downtown Connector, meet at the Mount Paran Church. 

The Georgia State Patrol reported more than 2,000 vehicles were abandoned on metro interstates. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution says cars that are still left out after Thursday will most likely be towed.

For those drivers whose cars have been towed, The Weather Channel recommends contacting police to find out which towing company took it. 

USA Today reports the snow storm in the South caused more than 10 deaths.