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Fox's Hot Mic Catches Kerry Remark On Israel-Gaza Conflict

Before taping an interview with Fox News Sunday, Kerry was recorded making a seemingly sarcastic remark about Israel's "pinpoint operation."
Posted at 3:00 PM, Jul 20, 2014

Secretary of State John Kerry was recorded taking a phone call before a Fox News interview Sunday seemingly criticizing the Israeli government for its action in Gaza. (Getty Images)

KERRY: It's a hell of a pinpoint operation...We've got to get over there... I think its crazy to be sitting around." (Via Fox News)

Kerry lined up interviews with several Sunday shows and his first was with Chris Wallace of Fox.

During the televised part of the interview, Wallace played back the hot mic recording to an unsuspecting Kerry ... (Getty Images)

... who emphasized that the U.S. did support Israel's actions, despite his seemingly sarcastic comment about the IDF's "pinpoint operation." (Getty Images)

After weeks of those air strikes in retaliation to Hamas rocket attacks, Israel has now sent troops into Gaza in a ground assault but has promised to keep its action limited. (ViaAlJazeera)

The Washington Post wrote Kerry was likely referencing this promise with the "pinpoint operation" comment. 

Kerry did not confirm to Wallace that he was indeed traveling to Israel Sunday night, as he had suggested in the hot mic recording. But in a later interview with CBS, Kerry said he would.