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Fan Is Overjoyed When Kid Rock Surprises Him On His Birthday

Kid rock gave a surprise visit to his "biggest fan of all time" on his 30th birthday.
Posted at 7:59 PM, Oct 31, 2014

YOUTUBE / COLLEEN MCGURK: "Happy Birthday to you..."

That priceless reaction came from 30-year-old Ohio resident Dan McGurk as he was served cake on his birthday by his idol Kid Rock. 

McGurk has Down syndrome and says he is "the biggest Kid Rock fan of all time." 

In August, he posted a video YouTube explaining what a big fan he is and invited the singer to his birthday celebration. The video now has more than 106,000 views and through social media and word of mouth, the video reached Rock. 

And Kid Rock was sure not to come to McGurk's birthday party empty handed. He brought several presents including an autographed Kid Rock guitar. 

KID ROCK: "I didn't know what to get him. He has everything else."

After presents, McGurk was all business...

"I've got to ask you a question. When are you coming into the area again?"

"I'm not sure"

But, Kid Rock did promise to get McGurk tickets the next time he plays in Detroit. 

The pair spent the rest of the night chatting and spending time with McGurk's friends and family. 

More photos from the night can be found on the event's Facebook page

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