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No, You Won't Soon Be Able To File Taxes On A Postcard As Trump Says

The president says many people will be able to file taxes on a postcard in 2019. That's simply not true, and filing might get more complex for some.
Posted at 3:37 PM, Apr 13, 2018

The simplicity of filing your taxes on a postcard probably sounds pretty good right about now. And President Donald Trump seems to know that.

"This will be the last time — April. Be the last time that you're going to go that old-fashioned, big, lots-of-pages, complicated tax form. Because next April, you're going to, in many cases, one page, one card. It's going to be very, very different."

But that's not really true. Under the new tax law, there might be an uptick in the number of people who can file their federal tax return with the single-page 1040EZ form, but there won't be an option to file on a card. And the number of people who can switch to the 1040EZ will probably be small. 

And in order to get the biggest tax cut, some filers could actually find filing their taxes is more complex than before. So a postcard might sound nice, but it's just not happening.