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Deputy Hangs From Chopper To Rescue Dog

In Northern California, Oreo the labrador had gotten stuck halfway down a cliff. But that didn't stop rescuers from getting to her.
Posted at 8:29 AM, Mar 17, 2014

"Hang in there" became a message for both rescuer and rescuee with this video. In California, a sheriff's deputy hung from a helicopter to rescue a dog off the side of a cliff. Check it out.

(Rescuer motioning for chopper to move him closer to cliff, dog can be seen)

(view of entire cliff, then rescuer can be seen lifting dog, chopper pulls both into air)


That canine cliffhanger was a black-and-white Labrador named Oreo. 

USA Today reports she was stuck on a two-foot ledge, 40 feet down a 90-foot cliff in Northern California — she couldn't move at all without falling.

Oreo's owner had called 911 for help Saturday afternoon. The helicopter and team arrived within minutes, and the miraculous rescue itself took just a few minutes.

The chopper is called "Henry-1" and has several more rescue vids posted on YouTube. The sheriff's office says these animal rescues are especially important because if authorities don't get involved, bystanders might try to help and get hurt themselves.



The rescue team was also afraid Oreo might hurt rescuers since they were unfamiliar faces, but the Press Democrat spoke to the deputy who grabbed her. He says that wasn't the case.

"[He] started talking to the dog to reassure her ... 'The dog and I got to know each other real quick,” [he] said. 'I think the dog just wanted to be out of there.'"

Understandable. In the end, Oreo was safely reunited with her happy owner.