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Man arrested after boarding flight without ticket, hiding in bathroom

The man took photos of multiple passengers' boarding passes for a Delta flight without their knowledge and used one of the pictures to board.
Posted at 5:13 PM, Mar 20, 2024

A Texas man was taken into custody in Salt Lake City after he boarded a Delta flight without a ticket and tried to secretly travel by hiding in the plane's bathrooms, documents state.

Wicliff Yves Fleurizard, who told police he was a resident of George, Texas, was arrested on one count of stowing away on a vessel or aircraft.

He told police that he was in Utah on a snowboarding trip to Park City but needed to get home. Using a "buddy pass" from Southwest, Fleurizard entered the airport terminal.

Fleurizard tried flying standby on two Southwest flights with his "buddy pass" but was unable to board as the flights were completely full.

Through reviewing security camera footage, it was discovered Fleurizard then took photos of multiple passengers' phones and boarding passes for a Delta flight without their knowledge, including a photo of a ticket belonging to a minor female passenger.

Fleurizard used the photo to board the Delta flight traveling from Salt Lake City to Austin, Texas.

Court documents state that after Fleurizard boarded the flight, he was seen opening an emergency equipment door before being directed to a bathroom at the front of the plane.

"Fleurizard spent a significant amount of time in the lavatory while others were boarding and he did not lock the door while occupying the lavatory," the documents report.

Just before the plane's doors were shut, Fleurizard made his way from the bathroom in the front of the plane to the facility in the back of the aircraft.

As the plane was taxiing to the runway, Fleurizard left the bathroom, and a flight attendant noticed there were no seats available on the flight.

The flight attendant approached Fleurizard to help him find his seat, at which point they discovered his actual name and realized he was not a ticketed passenger.

After discovering his identity, the plane returned to the gate and police officers contacted Fleurizard for further questioning.

This story was originally published by Melanie Porter at Scripps News Salt Lake City.

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