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Sizing Up Chicago's 2016 Murder Statistics

Chicago's murder rate was historically awful in 2016, but recent FBI data helps put the city's murder rate into perspective.
Posted at 9:32 AM, Dec 12, 2017

Chicago's violence has been a convenient talking point, but here are a few things to keep in mind:

According to the FBI, Chicago saw 11.62 murders per 100,000 people during the first part of 2016. Cities like St. Louis (27.75), Baltimore (22.05) and Detroit (15.3) saw higher murder rates. 

And even though there was an uptick in violent crime in major cities in 2015, homicides are at a historic low.

Chicago definitely has a violence problem, but while the president wants to "send in the Feds" to fix the city's "carnage," people there are already working every day to end that violence.

"We've stopped certain incidents, conflicts," says Ulysses "U.S." Floyd, an outreach worker for CeaseFire Illinois. "We've saved lives."