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DOD agents enter wrong hotel room, interrogate guest

Federal agents say they were guided to the wrong hotel room during a training exercise, detaining and interrogating a guest who was sleeping.
Exterior view of Revere Hotel at the Boston Common.
Posted at 8:34 PM, Apr 05, 2023

Agents with the FBI gained entry into a Boston hotel room joined by other federal agents at around 10 p.m. ET on Tuesday night, jolting a sleeping guest out of bed and then interrogating them before realizing they had the wrong room, and the wrong person. 

The Boston Globe reported that the agents were conducting a Department of Defense training exercise that included what they thought would be a mock investigation. The FBI said the agents were somehow guided to the wrong room on the 15th floor of Boston's Revere Hotel.  

The Boston Herald reported that the guest, a possible Delta Air Lines pilot in his 30s, reportedly let the agents into the room after hearing banging on the door. 

Reports say the agents handcuffed the pilot, put him in the shower and interrogated him for around 45 minutes. 

NBC Boston reported, citing multiple sources, that there may have been two Delta pilots staying in the room, saying at least one was handcuffed. 

The FBI did not confirm the identity of the person who was detained.

The agency said in a statement, "Based on inaccurate information, they were mistakenly sent to the wrong room and detained an individual, not the intended role player." 

The statement said, "Thankfully nobody was injured. The Boston Police Department was called and responded to the scene to confirm that this was indeed a training exercise."

"The Boston Division is reviewing the incident with DOD for further action as deemed appropriate," the statement read. 

WBZ reported that the guest would not comment on the matter before speaking with their employer. 

Delta released a statement saying the company was still looking into the matter. The airline would not comment further and said it would like to reaffirm the company's "commitment to ensuring the safety and well-being" of its employees. 

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