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Delta passenger arrested after opening plane door

A passenger on a flight from Los Angeles to Seattle was arrested after allegedly opening a plane door and sliding down an emergency slide.
Delta flight at LAX in Los Angeles
Posted at 5:20 PM, Mar 27, 2023

A passenger on a Delta Air Lines flights leaving Los Angeles was arrested after allegedly opening one of the plane's doors and sliding down the emergency exit slide. 

The plane was departing Los Angeles on Saturday, en route to Seattle when it was returned to the gate because of an unruly passenger, the airline said. 

Delta said in a statement that the plane was waiting to taxi for takeoff when the passenger "exited the aircraft."

The passenger had been detained by staff on the plane before being arrested by law enforcement, the airline said. 

Delta said passengers on the flight had to be put on a different flight and were delayed. 

The Federal Aviation Administration said it was investigating the incident on Delta's flight 1714, confirming that the plane, a Boeing 737 jet, had its emergency slide deployed while it was holding still, but preparing for a takeoff. 

The FAA said the passenger "jumped on the ramp" after deploying the slide at around 10:40 a.m. local time on March 25.