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Couple Rescued After Going Overboard, Swimming For 14 Hours

Sean McGovern and Melissa Morris fell off their boat Friday evening and weren't found until Saturday morning.
Posted at 10:54 PM, Jun 22, 2014

A couple was found off the coast of Florida after falling off their boat with no floatation devices and being forced to tread water for 14 hours.

Sean McGovern and Melissa Morris went overboard at about 6 p.m. Friday. But, in an exceptional bit of luck, they were discovered Saturday morning by a boat crewed by a firefighter and two sheriff deputies just doing some off-duty fishing. (Via WPTV)

 "My first thought was 'How in the world did you get out here?'" (Via ABC)

The couple fell in somewhere off the coast of Key Largo and drifted approximately 75 miles overnight to Hallandale Beach. Their boat was eventually found off the coast of Ft. Lauderdale. (Via ABC, WSVN)

"It's hard enough to find fish but two people floating in the water is pretty strange." (Via WMBB)

A coast guard spokesman told CNN: "They are very lucky — they didn't have any signal device. They were trying to signal people down with their T-shirt. To be located and recovered by off-duty cops and a firefighter — that's a stroke of luck right there."

One of the rescuers told  WPTV, he thought the couple were bait fish until they got closer.

"The female, when we brought her one board, her legs were cramped. We actually had to lift her out of the water. The male, Sean, said he ran into about three or four jellyfish stings during the course of the evening."

McGovern and Morris were sent to the hospital with mild hypothermia but were later picked up by friends.