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Congresswoman Grace Meng Attacked, Robbed in D.C.

The freshman representative says she was struck in the head from behind before the attacker stole her handbag and ran away.
Posted at 10:53 PM, Nov 20, 2013

Queens congresswoman Grace Meng went to work Wednesday with a frightening story to tell — that she was mugged the night before just a few blocks from the nation's capitol. 

"Police say the thief jumped Meng near Capitol Hill last night as she walked to her apartment. He hit her in the head and ran off with her Gucci handbag. Police say the congresswoman appeared disoriented when they arrived on the scene." (Via WCBS)

The freshman representative had just left dinner with a friend when she was attacked. Police say Meng couldn't recall many details and that the side of her head was swollen. (Via New York Daily News)

Meng was back to her normal duties the next day, but there are still some lingering effects. 

"Get a little dizziness here and there. But it's just, you know, less than 24 hours after the incident, so the doctor said that's to be expected." (Via YNN-TV)

In a written statement from her office, Meng praised the Capitol Hill police and the D.C. police for "​responding quickly and professionally" adding "It could have been a lot worse​." (Via CNN)

Police haven't arrested anyone for the attack, but they say they may have obtained a fingerprint to help in the investigation.