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Coffee, Not The Caffeine, May Be Good For Your Liver

Research suggests coffee has added health benefits if its caffeinated or decaffeinated.
Posted at 9:25 PM, Oct 10, 2014

Previous studieshave told us drinking coffee may lower the risk of heart disease, Parkinson's disease, dementia, type 2 diabetes and liver disease. 

It appears its the coffee, not the caffeine, that's good for you, or for your liver anyway. 

But before now, we didn't know much about why coffee lowered the risk of liver disease. It was unclear if it was the coffee or the caffeine that provided the benefits. 

This week researchers from the National Cancer Institute released a study showing caffeine is not a factor in the drink's preventative benefits. 

Researcher Dr. Qian Xiao said"These data suggest that ingredients in coffee, other than caffeine, may promote liver health. Further studies are needed to identify these components."

The study included more than 27,000 people and found people who drank three cups of coffee a day had healthier livers than those who did not, regardless if they drank decaf. 

And in addition to keeping you healthy, studies have even proven coffee can lead to a longer lifespan

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But, doctors across the board say moderation is key. An overabundance of coffee can lead to upset stomach, fast heartbeat, and insomnia.