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Clinton Foundation Won't Return Donations From Harvey Weinstein

The movie mogul facing multiple accusations of sexual harassment and assault gave the Clinton Foundation as much as $250,000 over the years.
Posted at 5:52 PM, Oct 16, 2017

The Clinton Foundation confirmed Monday it won't return as much as $250,000 donated by Harvey Weinstein.

After a number of women accused the movie mogul of sexual harassment, assault or rape, there have been calls for politicians, and even for some charities, to return money Weinstein gave them.

Weinstein promised to donate $5 million to a scholarship program for female filmmakers at the University of Southern California. But after a student-led petition called it "blood money," the college rejected his pledge.

The Clinton Foundation seemed to imply the money it received from Weinstein is long gone.

The foundation said in a statement: "We are a charity. Donations, these included, have been spent fighting childhood obesity and HIV/AIDS, combatting [sic] climate change, and empowering girls and women, and we have no plans to return them."