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Carl's Jr. Customer Finds Feather In Chicken Nugget

Two women at two separate Carl's Jr. locations in California have reported finding chicken feathers in their star-shaped chicken nuggets.
Posted at 9:50 PM, May 29, 2015

This is a chicken. Chickens have feathers. That's something we can all agree on, right?

And when we order chicken sandwiches or chicken salad or chicken nuggets or <insert chicken food here> from our favorite fast food restaurants, we know we're being served a dead bird, right? A dead bird that once had feathers ...

Well, one Carl's Jr. customer in California told our partners at KGTV she found evidence of her meal's ... prior life.

"I had one, and then I went to grab another one, and I saw the feather. I was picking it up, and I was like, 'What is that?'" Dani Campbell told KGTV.

"A tiny little feather at the tip of the star," the KGTV reporter said. 

"Gross," Campbell said.

A KGTV reporter spoke with that location's general manager, who reportedly appeared shocked about the feather but didn't speak on camera. 

And last month, a customer of a different California Carl's Jr. location complained about a feather showing up in a Carl's Jr. star-shaped nugget.

"You open it up, and they look pretty normal, right? But if you notice, this one has a feather in it. A real feather. From a chicken. ... They fall off of birds, and birds have, you know, diseases, bacteria, things like that. So, if you're going to eat chicken, you would expect not to eat the feathers," Khrystina Bradley told KGTV.

At the time of that incident in April, a Carl's Jr. spokesperson told the station said it was the first time they'd seen anything like that in the 20 years the company has been serving chicken stars. Guess they've seen it twice now.

Some viewers commented on KGTV's Facebook post, saying Bradley should just be happy her meal was made of real chicken. Another said it happened to her a few times at another restaurant chain and she just pulled out the feather. Others were just crying ... "fowl" ... get it?

A Carl's Jr. rep emailed us a response that said, "The feather allegedly found protruding from a Chicken Star does not appear to have been fried, and the chances that a feather would remain intact through both the food preparation process and the cooking process are, at the very least, extremely low. Nonetheless, we take all customer complaints seriously."

This video includes footage from Carlos Villarreal / CC BY NC 2.0 and an image by Keenan Pepper / CC BY SA 2.0.