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Buried Gold Treasure Worth Millions Hits The Auction Block

The 1,427 rare gold coins are expected to sell for around $11 million.
Posted at 9:16 AM, May 28, 2014

A California couple who stumbled on rare gold coins on their property are now selling some of them.

And they're expected to walk away with millions. (Via Flickr / 401(K) 2013)

"The couple found 1,427 gold coins dating from 1847-1894 buried in eight cans." (Via USA Today)

The couple, identified only as John and Mary, say they found the coins buried on their property while walking their dog. The Los Angeles Times reports after the discovery, the rumor mill churned out theories the coins could have belonged to outlaw Jesse James.

Some of the coins are for sale on Amazon.com, so if you happen to have a few grand to throw down, one of these golden pieces could be yours. (Via Amazon.com)

"Several were auctioned off last night in San Francisco. One valued at $4,000 sold for $15,000. The remaining 1,400 coins could bring in as much as $11 million."

We could do a lot of things with $11 million. 

We could buy one of the most expensive dog breeds, the Samoyed. Actually, we could buy 1,000 of the cute, little smiling pups. 

Or if smiling Sammie's weren't to our taste, we could always go with something more sophisticated, like a Ulysse Nardin watch, which can go for more than $300,000. (Via YouTube / PiccionesJewelers)

Who knows how California couple will spend their new fortune... But hey, it's fun to dream, right?

"It was like the great treasure hunt, wasn't it? I mean, that's what we all dream of, finding, hell a dollar on the ground, never mind $10 million worth of gold." (Via KERO)

The couple isn't selling everything they found, though. They have decided to keep a few pieces as keepsakes.